December 14, 2020


We’re now firmly in a digital world, and most venues are considering ways to reach out beyond their physical walls to engage with new and existing customers.

However, for many venues, their digital relationships with customers only amount to a simple tick in the box – ‘We’ve got our promotional events on our website and our kiosks show their point balances – TICK, we’re digital!’.  Unfortunately, this isn’t even half a tick.

Think about it, we are all using apps on our digital devices. What is it about the apps you prefer to use? They offer you value and an engaging experience, delivering what you need, when you need it, how you need it.

And … one of the upsides of this COVID pandemic, is that even the most resistant, have become more fluent with their engagement with digital apps – who hasn’t now used a QR code to register to get into a venue?

Digital = Multi-Channel
We need to look at all channels where we ‘touch’ customers and provide them with ways to engage with you how they want to. These days an app that enables information access and flow across mobile devices, website, kiosks and venue service points is the embodiment of that digital engagement.

So, for true customer engagement or ‘digital loyalty’, you have to consider why your customers would want to use your app on an ongoing basis, rather than the reasons why you want them to.  If you think it’s just to receive marketing information or promotional rewards, then you need to look deeper.

Think about what you use your mobile phone for each day – ID, payments, dining out, travel and so much more – many of which are prime opportunities in clubs, hotels and casinos. Let’s consider just a few:

  • Venue entry – thanks to COVID, sign in is no longer just a Club requirement, why not use a digital membership ID
  • Digital rewards card – earning points in all areas of the venue and having this digitally stored and available. Why are you able to pay with Apple Pay but need to use your plastic swipe card for points?
  • Cashless machine play – having digital account access via a digital loyalty card
  • Transferring funds from your bank account to your venue account – everyone is now using cashless transactions across all areas of everyday life. Using an ATM at a venue may be the only time they need to access physical cash.
  • Collect winnings – patrons can leave the venue with funds that have been secured digitally – either in their venue account or transferred back to their bank account.

By making a mobile device an integral part of the journey with your venue, you will create compelling reasons for your app to sit on the front screen of patrons’ phones and gain an additional communication and rewards channel to drive digital loyalty.

Digital loyalty needs a systems solution that can work across multiple channels, understand data and deliver digital loyalty that’s more than a website or a kiosk – the future is already here and consumers are using it. We have no choice but to embrace it to stay in front.

Image acknowledgement: Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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