October 20, 2020


When it comes to gaming management systems, venue operators need to ask themselves: “What is our system doing for our venue?”

With a number of gaming management systems available to choose from, venue operators like you, often find it a difficult choice to select the best system for your needs:

  • Which one offers the best value for your investment over the long-term? A system isn’t a short-term solution
  • What are the ongoing hidden costs of the initial investment?
  • Do you need to pay for upgrades and additional new tech advances every year?
  • Is your provider continually investing in and developing updates to ensure future growth and potential?
  • Is the support team local, 24×7, and do they understand the unique needs of Australian venues?

So before investing in in a gaming management system or looking at changing or paying for yet another upgrade to your existing system, it’s important to ask these questions and also fully investigate and understand the features and benefits of other gaming management systems available in the market.

IGT’s ADVANTAGE CLUB may not be the cheapest – initially – on the market but over the first few years it becomes much more financially sensible. Not only do you get an enormous amount of functionality – from easy accounting to in-depth reporting and the world’s most advanced marketing tools and intelligent planning tools – but you also get annual updates included with support that has been rated ‘First-class’ or ‘Exceptional’ by many of our customers, large and small.

Never has our legendary support and ongoing, included, development been more remarkable than during the COVID lockdown. IGT reduced the hours of staff but we kept our team developing and working on the system. While others suppliers went dark, we didn’t, our customers received:

  • iSolate™ – our intelligent social distancing tool, avoiding the headache and financial loss of switching every other machine off
  • M5 – a flexible media tool for Service Window enabling easier and exciting on screen messaging and integration
  • Software upgrade – we developed and rolled out a new version with many updates requested by customers
  • Systems-based jackpots – a prototype of a huge step forward for the industry – enabling systems enabled links. More on this to come.

So – investing in IGT ADVANTAGE CLUB is the advantage your business needs … a system that keeps growing while the price you pay doesn’t.

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