September 3, 2020


You have the necessary licences, the right gaming machines, and the resources needed to operate an entertaining and responsible venue, so now what? You can have all the tools to succeed, but if you don’t design your gaming room to have great patron flow, you’re not doing your space justice. 

When venues prioritise and invest in deliberately designing their gaming areas to be exciting and welcoming, they can experience increased revenues. IGT’s expertise with everything gaming has helped us identify what creates an outstanding player experience. Beyond determining which machines and games your venue will house, you must also keep in mind the key elements of gaming room design. 

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Even if the location of your gaming area is already established at your venue, you can still create changes to make it stand out. The entrance of your gaming space is the first thing visitors see, and it should be interesting and visible from all angles.  

Consider how the gaming area is accessed from the entrance or other venue areas and ensure there is clear signage regarding rules and responsible gaming. 


Think about some of the world’s most famous gaming venues. They are exciting, inviting and promote a comfortable gaming experience. Strategically placing pops of colour and prints in your gaming room can help catch the attention of players at your venue. However, there’s a fine line between embracing a luxurious style and overwhelming visitors with bright embellishments.  

Choose elegant patterns for the drapes, carpet and other upholstery, in a complementary colour scheme. Shades of red and gold or blue and silver can help brighten up your space, just ensure you stick with a cohesive colour palette for the rest of the area. 


Ambience is about the atmosphere that you foster in your gaming area. Everything from the floor design, location and colour scheme can help to enhance or take away from the feeling you are trying to invoke in your guests. A great way to complement some of the aforementioned elements in a room design is to add proper lighting throughout your venue. 

 If natural light isn’t an option due to glare or location, you can still create an inviting atmosphere with LED top boxes, base lighting and task lights for a similar effect. 

Comfort is key 

While the flashing lights and flow of your space are important, comfort is arguably the No. 1 element that will entice players to stay and enjoy your venue. Always choose gaming stools and chairs that match the decor and are fit for the size and style of the gaming machine they service.  

Comfort also extends to the level of service gaming patrons come to expect. Design your space so it’s easy for staff to attend to patrons’ gaming needs and provide plenty of tables and other areas for socialising, eating and enjoying the ambience you have created. 

Don’t forget the games 

You can’t forget how the games will factor into your gaming room design. No matter if your gaming space is a corner of your bar or an entire floor in a casino, it’s important to position machines so they are accessible and don’t disrupt a natural walkway for other patrons.  

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Every venue with a gaming area can benefit from updating its space to accommodate what patrons have come to expect from a top tier experience. If guests are uncomfortable in your space, they may not stay long and your venue misses out on revenues. Venues that partner with IGT have the support they need to create an entertaining, inviting and responsible gaming environment. 


IGT ensures that our gaming products, systems and services are designed to meet the changing needs of the industry and provide gaming products that meet regulatory, recreational and community-based requirements.   

We also recognise the importance of intervention in the prevention or treatment of problem gambling. If you or anyone else you know has a gambling problem, be sure to call the Australian gambling helpline at 1800 858 858.

Remember, responsible gaming practices start at the personal and social level.


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