July 16, 2020


Creating an inviting and safe gaming space is a top priority for every club, pub or casino. The cleanliness, design and layout of the gaming machines are without a doubt some of the most important aspects that contribute to creating a welcoming atmosphere, but have you thought about your responsible gambling signage 

From licences to posters promoting responsible gambling, the signs around your gaming room serve two very important purposes: Educating players and proving you’re operating a legal establishment.   

Without showcasing the proper, updated responsible gambling signage, your venue risks facing serious penalties for non-compliance. Let’s explore some of the signs your establishment should be displaying: 


The Queensland Government outlines the rules for responsible gambling signage on their official website. The Gaming Machine Act 1992 and Casino Control Act 1982 both established the regulations surrounding which signs are mandatory for venues to display. 

These acts made it compulsory for all gaming establishments to display their gaming machine licence on-premises. Not only must the licence be on-hand and up-to-date, but it should be located in a visible area so patrons and officials can easily see it. The same is true for the naming of the gaming nominee – the manager’s name should be clearly visible so everyone knows who the point of contact for the venue is. If you’re found in non-compliance with any of these rules in Queensland, you could face a penalty upwards of $5,000. 

Responsible Gaming Posters 

The Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation highlighted the Gambling Regulation Act 2003 when explaining the need for proper signage to promote responsible gambling. The state government requires gaming venues to display these posters alongside talkers and brochures that further encourage responsible play and provide resources for visitors who may be seeking help for a gambling problem. Such signs should be clearly visible both on-premises and outside each entrance of gaming machine areas. 

In NSW, venues are also required to display a range of signage in their gaming areas. These range from Gambling Counseling Cards to self-exclusion signage and THINK! gaming machine stickers. They are readily available to be downloaded from Liquor & Gaming NSW. 

Gaming Rules 

From age restrictions and reservations to proper machine play, it’s necessary for gaming venues to clearly display these rules around their premises. The Queensland Government calls these sweeping regulations “rules ancillary to gaming,” and they must be showcased in a similar visible fashion as the previous signs. 

It’s essential that venues are proactive in keeping their signage current and in compliance with local regulations. For more information on creating an engaging and responsible gaming environment at your venue, contact IGT today. 


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